Technical Papers


Thesis and Dissertations

  • "The Design of a Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Pipeline Computer Architecture and Its Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Operating System"
  • "Life Cycle Extension Strategies for Legacy Systems"
  • "Dynamic Pupil Analysis based on Computer Vision and its Impact on Gaze Determination," Vanderbilt University
  • "Automation Based on Knowledge Modeling Theory and its Application in Engine Diagnostics using Space Shuttle Main Engine Vibrational Data", University of Alabama Huntsville
  • "Complexation of Crown Ethers and Amines: A Theoretical and Experimental Approach", University of California Berkeley
  • "The Use of Color in the Output Analysis of Statistical Simulations, and Analysis of Estimators of Serial Correlation"

Technical Documents


  • "Twenty-one Parameters for Rigorous, Robust, and Realistic Operational Testing",
    by Richard A. Kass, Ph.D. - Senior Analyst, GaN Corporation
    in the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Journal 2015
  • "Framework for Understanding Experiment Design Validity", Presentation to DOTE/OTA DoE Working Group, 20 Feb 2009
  • "Ultra Wide Band Signal Analysis", 2001 IEEE ISPCS Conference
  • "Ultra Wide Band Applications for Wireless Biomedical Applications", 2001 IEEE ISPCS Conference
  • "Image Segmentation using Best Fit Models", 3rd World Congress of Structural and M ultidisciplinary Optimization, University of Buffalo, May 1999
  • "SHaRRP Field Test System (SFTS) Performance on TCMP-2A, Willow Dune 1 and Willow Dune 2," Proceedings of the Combined TCMP, Willow Dune and SIT-97 Data Analysis Workshop, October 1997, Boston, MA.
  • "SHaRRP Target Selection Performance on TCMP-2B and Plans for -2A and -2C," Proceedings Second TCMP Data Analysis Workshop, January 1997, Boston, MA.
  • "Modeling, Design, and Performance Analysis of a Parallel Hybrid Data/Command Driven Architecture System and Its Scalable Dynamic Load Balancing Circuit," IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems, Vol. 44, No. 1, January 1997, pp. 22-40.
  • "Adaptive Target Selection Algorithms for Reentry Discrimination," Optical Discrimination Algorithm Conference IV, September 1992, Huntsville, AL.
  • "Sensor Resource Management in Support of Multiple Sensor Data Fusion," Third National Symposium on Sensors and Sensor Fusion, April 1990, Orlando, FL. (Paper accepted but not presented due to job change.)
  • "Sensor Resource Management Algorithms," Joint Defense Laboratory C2 Symposium, June 1987, Washington, DC (Presentation only - Paper not cleared for Proceedings).
  • "Color Correlation Algorithm for a Low Resolution Two-Color Optical Sensor," SPIE proceedings, Vol. 641, Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing, April 1986, Orlando, FL.
  • "A Data Flow Language and Interpreter for a Reconfigurable Distributed Data Processor," Proceedings ICCC-82, September 1982, New York, New York, pp. 56-59.
  • "The Design of a Fault-Tolerant Computing Element for Distributed Data Processors," Proceedings Third International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems," October 1982, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, pp. 171-176.
  • "A Hardware Task Scheduling Mechanism for a Real-Time Multi-Microprocessor Architecture," Proceedings Real-Time Systems Symposium, December 1982, Los Angeles, California, pp. 113-123.
  • "A Distributed Computer Architecture for Real-Time Data-Driven Applications," Proceedings Third International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, October 1982, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, pp. 630-638.
  • "The Design of a Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Pipeline Computer Architecture and Its Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Operating System," M. S. Thesis, University of Kentucky, Department of Electrical Engineering, December 1981.