GaN is excited to announce the award of a two-year contract to provide support to the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO-STRI) / Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (PM-ITTS) in the ongoing development of the Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Subsystem Tester (SST). The ASE Tester will significantly enhance the Army’s ability to effectively predict the Common Missile Warning System’s (CMWS’s) performance and effectiveness on the battlefield.

The ASE Tester is a subsystem within the Aviation System Test and Integration Lab (AvSTIL) architecture, which GaN is also developing under a separate contract with PM ITTS. The AvSTIL is a complex set of simulations and stimulations by which we can place the aircraft in virtual flight. By driving the data buses on the aircraft, we can now emulate flight without incurring the high cost of open air testing.


Once an aircraft is in virtual flight, custom-made UV projectors are used to stimulate the CMWS sensors on the aircraft with detailed, repeatable, and controllable scenarios. From typical scenarios to edge of envelope excursions, the ASE Tester will be able to provide the test community with a never-before-developed toolset. We will be able to predict open- air testing, study observed anomalies, and perform science experimentation not otherwise possible with conventional test methods.

GaN has assembled a highly talented team of Aerospace Engineers, Software Developers, and Systems Engineers to provide PM ITTS with a product that is sure to exceed their expectations and set the stage for Aviation Testing in the 21st century.