GaN Corporation is featured in the August 2013 issue of Initiatives Magazine, spotlighting our 2012 Small Business Award. Initiatives Magazine, a Chamber of Commerce publication dedicated to promoting economic growth in Huntsville/Madison County, interviewed Dr. Kim about GaN’s success in today’s tough marketplace and winning the Technology Services Company of the Year award.

The article can be viewed by clicking here [PDF], or by being read below:

[toggles] [toggle title=”A brief history of the winner …”] I started Geeks and Nerds (GaN) in 2004 after working on many challenging opportunities, including NASA, large contractors, and a venture capital start-up. Each place of employment gave me opportunities to experience different cultures and to gain exposure to different knowledge bases. In 2004, I felt I was ready to start something of my own. As CEO, my first and foremost responsibility is to establish the GaN mission and corporate culture. Additionally, as CTO, I bring ideas to the table for our competent and qualified employees to implement. Our employees are the core of our success. I often state that success happens between two I’s (Idea and Implementation). Our capable employees successfully bridge the gap from idea to implementation, thus making the vision of GaN a reality.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What does your company create/sell?”] GaN is an innovative solution provider. We examine our customers’ requirements and provide solutions to help them accomplish their goals. We are testing complex electronic warfare systems, aviation systems, and communication systems for the Department of Defense, where our expertise ranges from complex, high performance computing to military vehicle maintenance. We have provided numerical analysis for space vehicle engine design. We have even completed an interior design project. We also team with other responsive companies that provide innovative technologies to help us deliver effective solutions to our customers.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What has been GaN’s greatest achievement?”] GaN and I are fortunate to have been recognized for various awards and accomplishments, and it is difficult to single out one greatest achievement. I am proud to have built a company that has been recognized for business ethics. In fact, we won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2011. I believe that ethical practices are the core foundation of a successful business. We also won Chamber of Commerce awards both nationally (2013 Blue Ribbon 100 Best Businesses in the U.S.) and locally (2012 Technology Company of the Year). One of our customers, in a commendation of GaN, stated “GaN is what all businesses should strive to be.” I am also proud that GaN has been able to grow each year in this tough economy and adapt to the needs of the community while growing our reputation as a sound company. All of our success in business has enabled me to give back to the community. Specifically, I am proud that, for the last two years, GaN has donated close to $200,000 in scholarships to colleges and universities across the U.S. We are far from perfect, but we are continuously improving as a corporation.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What are your goals for the next five to 10 years?”] I want GaN to contribute to solutions that will enhance quality of life for all of us. I have been steering GaN towards becoming more socially responsible through urban organic gardening, renewable energy, recycling, and the Geeks and Nerds scholarships. We can do much more, and we should. I believe that the desire to improve the overall quality of life and corporate bottom line can merge together to help our employees and our community concurrently. I want us to become more ecologically friendly and health conscious, to focus on solutions to enhance safety and health, and to continue to contribute to the community in positive and meaningful ways. Within the next five years, I see us moving towards developing technologies for better food supply and health care. Within 10 years, I anticipate that GaN will have developed technologies that revolutionize how we live, promoting well-being and improving lifestyles.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What does it mean to you, both personally and professionally, to receive the technology services award?”] It is mind boggling to grasp the magnitude of honor associated with being the Technology Company of the Year in the city known as the Forbes 9th Smartest City in the world. It is indeed a prestigious honor, and being a recipient makes me try harder to uphold that honor. Thanks to the award, GaN was subsequently nominated at the national level and received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award for being one of 100 Best Small Businesses in the U.S. As the recipient of such an honor, I am motivated to continue to guide GaN in a direction where we can proudly represent this beautiful city of Huntsville and our beautiful country, America.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How has being active in the Chamber helped you?”] The Chamber recognized my talent before I did. They gave me encouragement before I formalized the idea of GaN, and they continue to open up opportunities for me and other companies. The Chamber also does an excellent job of portraying a true picture of Huntsville as one of the best communities to work and live. As a company of national and international ambitions, this picture helps us to recruit the best talent possible. I am thankful for their continued commitment to help local businesses grow and serve the community. •[/toggle] [/toggles]